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Locale:   Slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano

Altitude:   1580 – 1720 masl

Coffee variety: Bourbon, SL-34 Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Cup Characteristics:  Marzipan, White Peaches, Intense Plum-Skin Acidity with Brown Sugar Sweetness

Aroma:  Brown Sugar Cookie Dough

Aida Batlle has made quite a name for herself in the specialty coffee industry in recent years and this coffee is a testament to her glowing reputation. Aida is a fifth-generation coffee farmer who, while she is native to Miami, produces some of the world’s best coffee on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in Western El Salvador. Her approach, when it comes to coffee, is as unique as the cherry she produces. She questions why there can be hundreds of types of wines but when it comes to coffee the playing field is too narrow; thus, she urges consumers to understand that all coffees taste different and they should be acknowledged for their individual characteristics as with different wine or whiskey.

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