Sumatra Mandheling Beriah Citra Persada Gr1


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Region: Bener Meriah on Lake Tawar

Altitude: 1100 meters

Cultivar: Catimor, Timtim

Screen Size: 16 plus

Flavor Notes: Rich body, Molasses, Dried Fruit and Dark Chocolate.

A group of smallholder farmers from Bener Meriah, Sumatra came together to produce this regional blend. In this region, coffee farms average at just 0.5 – 2 hectares each. Bener Meriah is nestled around the northern shore of Lake Tawar and dominated by the imposing Burni Telong volcano. The process of producing coffee from groups of smallholder coffee farmers in Sumatra is complicated and involves many steps. Every village typically has a collector who receives the fresh-picked cherry from the smallholder coffee farmers for washed processing each day before continuing on to the central mill. For this coffee, PT Indokom Citra Persada managed the composition of the coffee, quality, milling and exporting. PT Indokom Citra Persada is an export group that works throughout Indonesia’s coffee regions, but who has a dedicated mill and operations team in Aceh.

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