Costa Rica Hacienda La Pradera


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Location: Tarrazu Region

Altitude: 1300-1550 MASL

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Raisin, Cherry, Heavy Body with a Sweet Sugar Cane Finish.

The world-renowned Hacienda La Minita in Costa Rica’s Tarrazu Valley acquired the La Pradera Estate five years ago and set out to renovate the estate’s coffee trees from scratch – replanting in blocks by Arabica varietal. The farm, lying just up the valley from the La Minita estate, has a very innovative mill on site and the folks from La Minita have utilized the existing milling infrastructure to prepare the varietal specific lots for this inaugural year of offerings.

We roast this coffee on the lighter side to bring out as many of the complex flavor notes available from this very special coffee. Even so, it has an unusually rich and creamy mouthfeel.

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