Brazil “Sitio Colina” Estate Grown


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REGION: Cachoeirinha, Near Poço Fundo

ALTITUDE: 1,100 meters above sea level

CULTIVAR:  Yellow & Red Catuai.


PROCESS: Natural

FLAVORS: Milk Chocolate, Red Raisin and Black Cherry

AROMA: Sweet cocoa.

Roasted Light/Medium

This is one of those pleasant surprises that comes along once in a long while. It was discovered during an extensive cupping session. This sample was roasted unusually light for a Brazil and expectations were low. But it was quite stunning how sweet and juicy this coffee was on the cupping table. I kept tasting and looking for a reason to pass on this coffee, but with every slurp as it cooled it got better and better. The acidity was so pleasing and smooth that it could pass for a dense, high-grown central. I took the gamble and committed to several bags. My only concern was whether I could duplicate this roast on our production roaster. I’m happy to report that this coffee roasts beautifully and stands head and shoulders above any Brazil I have roasted in the past 5 years.

Backstory: Marco Angelo Scalco was born in the rural area of Poço Fundo, Brazil and has been growing coffee for 15 years with the help of his wife, Ana, and brother Paulo. Mr. Scalco, a third-generation coffee producer, inherited his farm from his father when he retired in 2012 after 50 years of producing coffee. Mr. Scalco believes that although his overall production might be smaller than some, the quality of his coffee more than makes up for it. “If your production is limited, you better have higher quality in order to keep up with high production costs and give a decent life to your family” he says. Sitio Colinais located in Cachoeirinha, just outside of Poço Fundo, where the community coordinates harvest schedules so they can help each other avoid expensive labor costs. Their model of sharing machinery, warehousing, and other resources is an inspiration to other communities nearby.

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